So you’re thinking about selling your house.  First off kudos to you for doing some research.  That is hands down the BIGGEST mistake sellers make, not figuring out their options regarding their professional reputation.  Each broker is different in how they’ll handle your selling process.  So not only do you need to make sure they’re the right fit for you and your family personally, but also professionally to meet your expectations.

At Green Acre, we’re not afraid to share.  We think the more information for you the better, so whether that’s costs, marketing, technology, whatever, we’ll shout it from the roof tops so you feel like the broker you’re working with is being as transparent as possible.  In real estate it’s all about time and effort.  You’ve all heard the horror stories before: “haven’t heard from my agent in a month”, “we never knew about that option”, “once the sign is in the yard they’re a completely different person”, “I don’t get response for days at a time”, ext.  Everything that is related to the sale of your home is about our time and effort.  How many strategies and systems do we have put into place to make sure that we’re always one step ahead of the game.

So lets talk about those systems and strategies.  The major points that we focus on as a company, what we do with them, why we do them, and what the strategy behind those specific efforts are for.

Pre-Listing Strategies:
This is the most overlooked part of the ENTIRE real estate selling process.  What you do to sell a property before it even goes on market is essential.  So if you want to hit the ground running in 24 hours, we’re probably not your guys.  Why not?  Well simply put, the market is just too competitive to showcase an unfinished product.  So if we do put the house up for sale before it’s ready, no one wins, and everyone is upset.  We don’t get paid, you don’t sell, you realize less money because you have to drop your price due to its short comings, and we spend more money marketing a product that isn’t living up to its true potential.  So what do we mean by Pre-Listing Strategies?  Well to start, you have to change your mindset.  You can no longer walk into your home after a long day and think of it the way you did before.  Your family artifacts and memorabilia are gone or changed, your furniture is moved into a position that is different then you might otherwise have it, and your house is cleaned up in a way that doesn’t even seem realistic or normal for most common families.  So why do we do it then?  Because it works!  We are experts when it comes to this stuff and our sales data supports that.  We understand exactly what buyers are thinking, what they want to see from your home, and how they will envision themselves in your home.  So through staging and intense design efforts your home will be a completely new property when we’re done to put it up for sale.  THEN, once you and your house are market ready, we’ll have our team go in and do their extraordinary technology stuff to get it all ready from professional pictures, videos, print documents, signs, and websites.

On Market Strategies:

So your house is now on the market.  You’re prepared and so is your home, so now what?  Well we’ll be the first to admit this is a common problem found in the real estate industry for sellers.  Even if you work with a company that doesn’t really do a whole lot in preparation for going on market, there still tends to be a build up.  So with our strategies, there’s a HUGE build up.  This can be great, but also a negative pending on market reactions.  Thanks to our processes however, we usually don’t have to deal with the latter.  So when you hit the market and your house is perfect, what’s the plan?  We implement systems around technology, websites, and specific marketing to track all activity you’re receiving due to our Pre-Listing Strategy.  That way we know why, who, from where, and how often.  Blind advertising is not effective, digital or print.

The reason we take so much time in care for our sellers and listings is to ENSURE your success.  By being selective and diligent about our listings we keep a very clean and tidy ship.  It’s our efficiencies of scale.  If you don’t think our strategies are necessary, want to take a different route, or simply don’t agree with what we tell you to do, that’s ok.  We’ll probably wish you the best of luck, and send you on your real estate journey.  We know what we’re doing.  We know what works and what doesn’t, so at Green Acre you’ll never find tons of listings.  We’ll never throw up tons of signs around town and just wait for a certain percentage to sell.  Our selective and diligent process is the best strategy for you and for us.  It makes sure that we’re not neglecting some clients and focusing on others.  It makes sure we have time to be able to really think outside the box with each property.  But most importantly, it makes sure that we have quicker then average sales for shorter Days On Market and higher list to sale prices.  Everybody wins.

Negotiations/Post Offer Strategies:

This category is a difficult one to quantify.  Real estate is always filled with a bunch of different curve balls.  So the one thing we know to do is to make sure we’re staying flexible and creative in our strategies.  Each situation is different pending on you the seller, your market activity, your buyer, and their immediacy to need to move.  So with all of that randomness requires us to always make sure we’re staying on top of your selling situation.  Making sure we’re analyzing the market constantly, analyzing your buyer, and analyzing your selling situation.  And then once we do find that right person, having a ton of strategy and communication to make sure you’re comfortable and confident with your decisions.

The last thing as a seller you’re probably worried about is the process after you’ve accepted an offer.  We completely understand, that’s just too far away to think of as important.  But trust us, that 6 week escrow process can be a nightmare if not handled correctly.  The question of if your agent is providing you with the little things that are going to make your next few weeks of life easy and fun, or a disaster.  Let us give you a little example.  Recently we had a client sell his first day on market with multiple offers.  8 weeks later they were closed on their house and we received a request.  They requested a copy of our custom made video for their home to be able to show their children what the house looked like that they grew up in.  Well thanks to our technology systems, we had a copy of that video in their inbox within 2 minutes.    Just another example to prove our efficiencies of scale, and frankly a pretty good idea for the kiddos as well.