This was an unconventional sale.  The home owner was the original owner of this 1958 property.  Really a beautiful little house that they had kept in fantastic shape for almost half a century.  I was originally contacted by the seller to act as a transaction broker (3rd party) for these owners to handle the paperwork of the file as they already had a buyer and wanted me to just verify the price they were considering accepting.  Well they told me the number, and through an in person walk through and a little bit of conversation, I talked them out of accepting the number on the table.  As this particular buyer wasn’t able to pay what I thought to be market value, the transaction broker call turned into a listing.  So we prepped the home as we usually do and they had 4 offers within a day on market and accepted above asking price to a buyer they really thought would take care of the home in the way they would have wanted.  It certainly was an unconventional and emotional way of getting there, but moral of the story is do your homework and accept advice.  We pushed for total transparency in the matter from the beginning since obviously we had a vested interest in them listing the home, but they trusted our advice and went with it.  In this case, that advice made them about $20,000.
Listing Flyer