This house was special and we knew it.  I had sold this to my client a few years back as a bachelor when we had more of a depressed market, so we were able to get a great deal on it for him originally.  Now, with a wife and baby on the way, they were looking for more space.  Given the location and size of the home, I knew immediately that we were going to be able to drive an insane amount of traffic to this home, so the main goal was to make it as universally appealing as possible without spending much money to list, and let the market demand take over.  Well the demand took over, with over 20 showings in the first 2 days, we ended up selling for about 6% above our list price.  It was probably the most intense interest I’ve ever seen on a home which goes to show, if you buy it right from the beginning, you’ll always win.