The list is now 3.  Three being that this is the third property of the year that we have sold before or off market. (hence the grainy Google photo….)  We had every intention of putting this on market.  We had started the process, gone through details of walkthroughs and staging particulars, and a list date on the horizon.  However during the prep stage, like we typically do, we started loosely shopping the home to potential buyers for pre-market interest.  Low and behold, our efforts along with a neighbor referral to the sellers, procured two different interested parties pre market.  Making a very long story short, through our detail and strategy for the two parties, we ended up selling off market for our full asking price.  A few short weeks after that the owners had a closed deal that seemed to whirlwind by faster than anyone planned for.  It was fast, but sometimes fast is good, and it certainly was good all around on this sale.