You always hear that you should wait until Spring and Summer to sell, and certainly don’t have your house on the market in the Winter.  I find this is one of the larger misnomers in the world of real estate.  Good quality houses that are presented in the right ways sell no matter what time of year it is.  With that being said, the one time I find hardest throughout the year to sell is July and early August between the 4th weekend and school starting.  It’s busy, vacations, lake cabins, transition time for families.  We see a noticeable decrease in showing activity during this 45 day stretch.  This property sold in 38 days, right in the heart of that slow zone.  Typically I believe it would have been a two week type of property, but overall, we were thrilled to get a great list to sale price number during this dull time of the year.
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