What a great home.  The key to this sale was showing off what was already there, nothing more, nothing less.  This was a classic two story, beautiful features, and a great layout.  The hurdle here was revealing the character of the house around all the stuff and the active lives of the sellers.  In this 1100 sq ft gem was a family of 5, and to boot, 3 children under 4 that were all being home schooled.   So needless to say we needed a very specific strategy here to ensure we got the most amount of money possible in the shortest time window possible to maintain the sanity of the family.  We did a lot of furniture rearranging, small touches, and some bathroom work to ensure we maximized the right features of the house.  This work ended up getting the home sold in the first 3 days, to then unfortunately have the deal fall about a week later.  We did however sell the home again about a week later and everyone was thrilled with the results.
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