Absolute gem of a home.  Beautiful location, wonderful lot, and a lot of time and care spent by the owners.  As one would usually find with this type of a home, the exterior and developed neighborhood is often the high point, but the lack of open concept space and updates is typically the low point.  That was also the case for this Tomar Park home.  The main thing to focus on for this type of property however is not the lack of updates but rather how can you prepare the home so that the updates seem to be enough, or an opportunity for the new buyers.  That was our strategy with this home.  The amount of time and energy spent by these owners preparing was not small, but the financial downstroke in order to get on the market was considerably less than what most would think.  And by doing these simple yet very effective adjustments, the sellers won in the end.  The interior was updated and decorated just enough to show a beautiful clean slate, not drawing away from the incredible exterior which allowed us to be aggressive on the price and receive multiple offers in 9 days.
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