Of all properties we represented in 2013, this was certainly the most challenging.  It is a beautiful little old home on the banks of the Sioux River in Canton.  It was very well done by super detailed owners.  We did some light staging to open up the appeal to the largest amount of buyers as possible, and sold it for nearly full price in the first 2 weeks.  Everyone was ecstatic.  Unfortunately karma came into play, and through some unforseen complications, we had to go back on the market.  Through a lot of effort we got the objections overcome and relisted the home.  The property was certainly more difficult the second time around, but after some negotiations, we were able to sell it again in just a couple weeks, and thankfully see this particular deal all the way through to closing.  Sometimes things come up, but what’s important is always having a strategy and looking at all possible scenarios to make the best decision for the seller.
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