To say we knocked this one out of the park would be an understatement.  This home was a work in progress from start to finish, but when you have ready and willing sellers who are smart and understand the game, they win, and they most certainly did here.  This was a great home in a very nice family neighborhood that simply needed to be staged and polished.  The difficult thing about that in semi larger to larger homes is of course cost.  Where do you find the furniture, how far do you go in updates?  The age old questions that all sellers wonder about during this pre listing process.  Well as we said before, they did just as we asked and it worked out great.  After replacing some flooring, simple fixture updates, and wall paper removal we moved on to the space bringing in an interior designer to work on flow and functionality.  When it was all said and done, the home looked and showed so great that we decided to be aggressive and go after some unheard of numbers for similar properties.  The deal was done, on the market for only 5 days, getting nearly their asking price with no closing costs.  A great sale.
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