Sometimes selling brings about interesting scenarios.  There is no common deal and a lot of times the process requires a strategy based on the circumstances and set up of the seller.  This home was certainly no exception.  These owners had a lot of different moving pieces to their sale as often times sellers do.  It was seemingly going to be quite difficult to do a traditional sale in this instance where we would prep the home, place is out for sale, ext.  So with that being said, we knew we needed a different plan.  For these owners, that plan meant finding a buyer off market, one who would be open to the home potentially requiring a little work, and a buyer who would have a very flexible closing timeline to ensure the owners to plan their next home location.  I’m not exactly sure how it ended up working but it did.  Sometimes the cards just fall the way you need them to.  We found that very buyer, worked through all of the other new home details for the sellers, and everyone walked away with new homes and little to no hiccups along the way.  It just goes to show that this business demands creativity and strategy, something I think the sellers here were very happy to have.