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As most people aren’t aware, as someone looking to build, you have a lot of different options at your disposal that you might not know about.  Of course your classic sense of building is finding a development, contacting a builder or agent, and starting the process.  So what other options are we talking about?


Looking for that first house or an upgrade house is a big decision. We understand it’s a big decision, so as a buyer agent for you, we are constantly racking our brains trying to analyze how you search for houses and how we are most effective in helping you through that process.


So you’re thinking about selling your house.  First off kudos to you for doing some research.  That is hands down the BIGGEST mistake sellers make, not figuring out their options regarding their professional reputation.  Each broker is different in how they’ll handle your selling process.  So not only do you need to make sure they’re the right fit for you and your family personally, but also professionally to meet your expectations.


As a new homebuyer, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from a realtor. Even so I was very impressed with Josh’s style of finding a home that was a perfect fit for me and actually really enjoyed the process! My friend was spot on when she recommended Josh to me and I will continue distributing the word about his real estate business in the ways I can.



Our experience with Josh as our realtor was great.  My wife Ashley and I had been talking about possibly moving out of our home for a couple years and had met with a few realtors, just to get a feel for them and the market.  Our experience was never bad with the other realtors but also not that great either.  So when my brother used Josh in purchasing his home, and highly recommended him, Josh and I started exchanging some emails.  Immediately you could tell Josh had a drive that the other realtors did not.  When I told the other realtors I wasn’t interested in purchasing something currently on the market, we never heard from them again.  Josh would constantly check in to see what we were thinking and if he could help in anyway.  This was great because I could bounce numbers or different ideas off him and I think we were both on the same page that something might not happen immediately.

Josh also sold the house we were living in before we even listed it.  This was great because it really lifted the burden of possibly having two mortgages at once if we found something we loved.  Josh was able to get a price for our house that was more than we had imagined getting and really enforced in our minds that we were working with the right guy.  We even ran into a couple issues that had to be resolved between the two parties and Josh did an incredible job handling the situation and making everyone feel comfortable.

Overall our experience with Josh was great.  I highly recommend him and I know he’s sold at least one house based on a reference of ours!  I’d recommend Josh to anyone who asked.  I don’t plan on moving any time soon, but if I did, Josh would be representing my family again.


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 “I recently had an awesome experience with Green Acre Real Estate, and actually sold my house twice.  With the decision of selling my home, Josh assisted with the proper staging of my home as well as amazing photos to post to the internet.  I am 100% convinced that it was these small touches of staging and professional photography that sold my house so quickly.  By the time my house was on the market it was no more than 24 hours and we had our first and second showings, and within 48 hours I had an accepted offer.  

Josh has a talent that allows him to vision things that I would’t as a home owner.  I don’t believe that these added benefits of Green Acre actually sold my house but his ability to negotiate and be a step ahead of the seller allowed me to not only sell my house quickly but also obtain the sale price that I wanted.   My sincere appreciation to Green Acre and Josh Aberson as we accomplished my #1 goal of selling my house.”


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